To mark the appearance of Purespring Watercress in Narrow Gauge and Industrial Railway Modelling Review, I've put together a full gallery of photographs for you. Some of which are new some are not. Some of which were featured in the REVIEW some of which were not. The building of Purespring was fraught with problems. Not least the destruction of the first version of the layout. But I hope that these pictures show that with a bit of perseverance. You can produce something to be proud of.

The model is inspired by the 18" gauge line that serves Doddings Farm near bere Regis in Dorset, England. A line that has run since 1927 transporting the harvested watercress form the fields to a packing shed. At its peak there was over a mile and a half of track serving the watercress beds. The line still runs today simply because its easier for the little railway to get in and out of some of the fields than modern tractors and lorries especially in the winter time when the ground can be rather soft and muddy.

My favourite Purespring Watercress scene. The Bedford and Jesty locomotive departs for the watercress beds

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Construction wise the layout holds no secrets. Trackwork is PECO streamline flexible track that was pre-bent to go around the 6" radius curves. The point is setrack being operated by a wire rod. All my scenic textures are from Woodlands Scenics. The Armature for the tree came from department 56 and is fleshed out with extra foliage from Woodland Scenics. Purespring Watercress is now complete (Well as complete as any layout can be) I don't feel the need to add anything more to the layout and can now proceed with some of my other layouts.
Purespring Watercress attended the Worlds Greatest Hobby Show in Saint Paul in 2006. A Large 2 day exhibition read about it here and see what it takes to put Purespring on show.